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December 17th, 2016 | by admin


Low, Heroes, Lodger….live versions of each song (for songs that were never performed live by David cover versions were used)….big Thanks go to libertine90 from BowieStation for putting this `Berlin Trilogy Live´ together.

01 Speed of Life, Live Montreux 2002
02 Breaking Glass, Live Earl’s Court 1978
03 What in the World, Live Vancouver 1983
04 Sound and Vision, Live Earl’s Court 1978
05 Always Crashing in the Same Car, Live Montreal 1999
06 Be My Wife, Live Dublin 2003
07 A New Career in a New Town, Live New York 2002
08 Warszawa, Live Tokyo 1978
09 Art Decade, Live Montreux 2002
10 Weeping Wall, Live New York 2002
11 Subterraneans, Live Montreux 2002
12 Beauty and the Beast, Live Musikladen 1978
13 Joe the Lion, Live St. Louis 1995 [with Nine Inch Nails]
14 “Heroes” Live Earl’s Court 1978
15 Sons of the Silent Age, Live Sydney 1987 [with Peter Frampton]
16 Blackout, Live Dallas 1978
17 V-2 Schneider, Live Ft. Lauderdale 1997
18 Sense of Doubt, Live Musikladen 1978
19 Moss Garden, Alternate Mix
20 Neuköln, Philip Glass “Heroes” Symphony [performed by American Composers Orchestra]
21 The Secret Life of Arabia, Edit [performed by Bartley and the Boomchicks]
22 Fantastic Voyage, Live Riverside 2003
23 African Night Flight [performed by Momus]
24 Move On, Live Rough Trade 2016 [performed by Shearwater]
25 Yassassin (Long Live), Live The Rogue 2015 [performed by Jerusafunk]
26 Red Sails, Tour Rehearsal Dallas 1983
27 DJ, Live Manchester 1995
28 Look Back in Anger, Live London 2002
29 Boys Keep Swinging, Tour Rehearsal Borehamwood 1995
30 Repetition, Live London 1999
31 Red Money, Live Rough Trade 2016 [performed by Shearwater]

(Via the excellent david bowie tin machine youtube channel)

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