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Tin Machine Medley (Extended HD Remaster)

February 7th, 2017 | by admin
Tin Machine Medley (Extended HD Remaster)


A Tin_Man remaster.

I remember reading somewhere not too long ago that apparently this extended medley promo was Bowie’s personal favorite music video, and honestly it’s one of mine too. First of all, I must give super thanks to Matt Day for supplying a very nice first-generation transfer to work from! This promo video directed by Julien Temple in 1989 includes excerpts of “Pretty Thing”, “Tin Machine”, “Prisoner of Love”, “Crack City”, “Bus Stop”, “Video Crime”, “I Can’t Read”, “Working Class Hero”, and pretty much all of “Under the God”. My first course of action was to completely recreate the audio track, which I did in Audacity following a transfer copy I had and replacing all excerpts with those from the 1999 remastered album. What’s a little different about my version, however, is that I chose to re-integrate the actual original album version of “I Can’t Read” in place of the “clean” video edit that was there before. I also opted to extend this somewhat by using (pretty much) the entirety of the single “Under the God” video, purchased from iTunes (all except the intro and first half of the first chorus of course). With that being said, you’ll also notice that “Tin Machine” and “Prisoner of Love” also come from the cleaner iTunes download versions. Everything was pieced together in iMovie, synched to the new audio track, and color-corrected/adjusted. Loaded that product into iSkysoft for even more picture tweaks and to export to a decent 720p HD file. Enjoy and share with your friends! Let me know what you think! And keep an eye out for more coming soon! xxtyler

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