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Interview with David Bowie’s D.A.M. Trio bassist, the long-lost, George Murray (Part 2)

December 27th, 2017 | by admin

Tracing My Dad • The Life and Music of Dennis Davis • Vol. 8 with George Murray • Part 2

The HD Projects Presents,

Tracing My Dad • The Life and Music of Dennis Davis
Volume 8 • An Interview with George Murray • Part 2

David Bowie’s D.A.M. Trio bassist, George Murray is interviewed by his fellow band member drummer Dennis Davis sons, Darien and Hikaru, and by his own son, Marcus Murray. He talks about his times with Bowie and the late Dennis Davis. Recorded on the 28th of November, 2017.
George Murray, along with the other D.A.M Trio members, Dennis and guitarist Carlos Alomar, played for David Bowie on his albums, Station to Station, Low, Heroes, Lodger and Scary Monsters, and on the 1976 Isolar I and 1978 Isolar II World tours. In 1981, following the period with Bowie, George Murray played on Jerry Harrison from Talking Heads, all-star-cast solo album The Red and the Black, and then apparently totally disappeared from the music scene.
In 2017, Hikaru tracked down and interviewed his “Uncle George” in Los Angeles…

Dennis Davis passed away on April 6th, 2016. Hikaru is the youngest child of the late drummer. Hikaru interviews some of the greatest musicians and producers who have worked with his late father, Dennis Davis, as well as Dennis’s friends and family.

Dennis Davis played with David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Roy Ayers, George Benson and many others.

Hikaru hopes to learn how and why his father was one of the greatest drummers, and hear inspiring stories of his father through this tribute project.

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I would like to give a special thanks to Nacho for editing this special interview video for me. Through this project, I get to meet and connect with many people, just like my Dad connected with many people through music. Working with Nacho on the video made me feel more proud of the project and my Dad. Thank you, Nacho for making me look good too! I hope to continue working with you for my future videos, and continue our unique friendship.

The music featured on this video is:

David Bowie • Stay • Musikladen • German TV • 30th of May 1978
David Bowie • Station To Station • Live 1976 from the album Live Nassau Coliseum ’76
David Bowie • TVC15 • Saturday Night Live • 15th December 1979
David Bowie • Fame • Live 1978 from the album Stage
Iggy Pop • Sister Midnight • 1977
David Bowie • Sister Midnight • Tour Rehearsals • February 1976
David Bowie • Breaking Glass • Live 1978 from the album Stage
David Bowie • Changes • Live 1976 from the album Live Nassau Coliseum ’76

Use of the music and footage contained in this video does not imply any copyright ownership, and no infringement of rights is intended.

Interview and music content edited by Nacho.

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